I’m the founding Principal of Glacier Investment Management, a Registered Investment Advisory firm. We provide financial planning, portfolio management and real estate investment consulting services to individuals, businesses and charitable organizations among other entities. We help people and organizations create and follow plans to achieve their financial goals through portfolio construction and management.

I’ve been based in Kalispell, MT since 2013 after moving from New York City where I lived for nearly 12 years, working in the financial services and big/alternative data industries.

Being in Montana and removed from a major financial market hub has helped me to focus on what is most important in the investment process and to avoid groupthink and misguided narratives. I’m contrarian minded by nature and like to question consensus thinking and views.


The Wall Street Outsider is primarily a finance and economics blog although it may deviate into other areas including markets, politics or whatever the topic du jour might be at any given time. Please note I won’t be providing any sort of investment advice on this blog. What I intend to provide is primarily commentary and analysis on markets, finance and investing.