Economics Investing

Oil and GDP

I’m not an oil expert by any stretch of the imagination. However, oil supply/demand and prices represent key barometers for global economic activity, inflation, economic health of specific countries as well as specific companies. It’s highly integrated into pretty much everything economic/investing on a global basis. I came across this very interesting chart the other …

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Don’t Pull the Rip Cord

On Monday, the WSJ had an article discussing asset class performance in 2018. The chart below is from the article showing a record number of asset classes have posted negative total returns year-to-date (YTD) through mid-November. One might initially think the sky is falling upon seeing this chart and reading the article. An impulsive reaction …

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Business Investing

Maintstream Tail Risks

Great chart from the Merrill Lynch Global Fund Manager Survey courtesy of the Daily Shot. Note how the trade war, quantitative tightening and China slow down risk rankings didn’t change much from October to November. It’s surprising they’re considered tail risks as they’re widely known and priced in right now, in my view. Unless the …

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