Inflation Expectations versus Reality

Higher inflation expectations have been ramping up for months and are fully mainstream now. You can read about higher inflation everywhere these days, whether it’s higher commodity prices, higher housing prices or comments from companies about raising goods prices because input costs have risen. Additionally, many argue fiscal stimulus in the form of money delivered …

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Pricing in Reality

We’ve previously highlighted the reversal in 2020’s outperformance by a group of stocks classified as Stay at Home stocks relative to a group of Reopening stocks. Energy, Financials, Materials, Industrials and even Real Estate stocks have turned in strong year-to-date performances while Technology, last year’s winner, is among the laggards. Reversionary moves in sectors are …

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Finance Investing

Rainy Day

How much do you need to have in reserve for unexpected events? The popular financial gurus have their opinions which can range anywhere from three to eight months of living expenses in savings. Being prepared is the name of the game. Whether you’re laid off, become ill, have major unexpected car repairs or significant child …

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